Fibreglass Swimming Pools - Shapes and Sizes
  • Most Requested Shapes and Sizes
    (Other shapes & sizes available upon request)

  • Yvonne
    Yvonne fibreglass pool
    Picture of Bridget fibreglass pool
    Picture of Yvonne fibreglass pool with spa jets
    4m x 2.3m
    Perimeter: 12.6m
    Area: 9.2m²
    1.2m deep
    5m x 3m
    Perimeter: 14.9m
    Area: 13.5m²
    0.75m - 1.36m deep
    6m x 4m
    Perimeter: 20m
    Area: 20m²
    1.1m shallow 1.7m deep
    Picture of Jenny fibregalss pool

    Christina fibreglass pool

    7m x 3.5m
    Perimeter: 19.9m
    Area: 22.5m²
    0.86m - 1.66m deep
    8m x 4m
    Perimeter: 24m
    Area: 32m²
    1.1m shallow 1.7m deep
    Picture of Elaine fibreglass pool
    Lynn fibreglass pool
    8m x 4.3m
    Perimeter: 23.2m
    Area: 30m²
    1.01m - 1.7m deep
    10m x 4m
    Perimeter: 28m
    Area: 40m²
    1.1m shallow 1.7m deep

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